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Some may have disregarded the beauty of having a smartphone with Windows, other may find it expensive. But with the release of Acer Liquid M220, it will be a different story.

The tech giant was able to create a smartphone which runs the latest Windows 8.1 OS (upgradeable to Windows 10).

Acer Liquid M220 boasts of powerful specifications that can cater to either lifestyle or business users, ready for use in any occasion. It also evokes outstanding aesthetic qualities to complete this performance-packed smart phone’s superiority not just in terms of functionality but also with regard to overall look and feel.


Power is one thing that the Acer Liquid M220 confidently offers to business users through its Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset that effectively boosts its stock against other smart phone brands in the market. Complemented by a dual-core 1.2GHz Cortex-A7 processor, 4GB internal memory and 512MB RAM, the Acer Liquid M220 is thus far the most powerful and amazing device there is given its price point.


When it comes to outstanding looks, the Acer Liquid M220 does not lack in appeal and beauty. Inspired by a Thai silk suit material, it comes with a textile finish that gives it a sophisticated and fashionable guise and feel, which also doubles as extra grip for the phone to make handling safe and secure.

As for people’s lifestyle needs, the Acer Liquid M220 has efficient features that makes it a top-of-mind choice when it comes to smart phones. With a vivid 4-inch display and 233 pictures per inch (PPI) screen resolution, it perfectly matches the phone’s 5-Megapixel main camera (with autofocus and LED flash) to shoot the best pictures and videos whether for fun or professional use. The secondary 2-Megapixel front camera, on the other hand, is also fit for the “selfie” generation.

The two cameras also offer faultless functionality since both are voice-operated. Imagine a camera that shoots the best photos or videos without having to “click” or are practically hands-free. With a MicroSD card slot, storing your photos, videos and other files will never be a problem.

The Price

Best of all, coming in at a modest and affordable price range of P2,490, the Acer Liquid M220 is definitely a “steal” yet worthy of every hard-earned peso that makes it a truly value-for-money smart phone for every Filipino.

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Running an auto business can be personally rewarding and fun. However, making the company a professional success requires the implementation of proven systems and strategies.

If you’re looking for tools and techniques that will help get your auto company on the road to profound success, try using some or all of these helpful tips:

1. Invest In Portable Power Parts.

One of the best ways to make your auto business more successful is to invest in portable power parts. If you’re like most company leaders, you find yourself in need of a portable power supply throughout the day. Ensuring that you purchase the ideal parts from a reputable supplier is the key to having the power you need to fuel your equipment and get things done. When you start looking for the ideal portable power company from which to purchase your supplies, consider Start Pac. The company has extensive industry experience and is passionate about offering incredible products at affordable prices.

2. Make Excellent Marketing A Must.

Your auto business will not grow unless more and more members of your target market hear about the wonderful services and products that you offer. Since this is the case, it’s a good idea for you to invest in excellent marketing. A professional advertising agency should be able to offer you a wide range of online and offline services that expedite and optimize the brand-building process. Some online services offered include:

• content creation • link building • keyword analysis • social media optimization

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