Want More Facebook Fans? Here’s How!

What business wouldn’t like more Facebook fans? The more business has on Facebook is a direct measurement of your force to be reckoned with, you will need more fans than them.

So, how do you get more fans? Here are three ways that are guaranteed to deliver more fans into your hands. It is so that easy anyone can do it.

Buy more fans.

Why go to great lengths to earn a few more fans? Thinking out a good content strategy in which you post interesting updates several times a week. Buy a thousand “real” fans for just twenty dollars?

Sold! Of course there is the small detail that these fans are mainly located Russia, India, and Pakistan. As a matter of fact, most of them are bots”, not real people, but that is for worrywarts to dwell on. The important thing is that you end up with a lot more Facebook fans.

Give away iPads.

Now that you have bought a thousand fans, how do you continue? It is very simple. All you have to do is give away free iPads. That will get those Facebook users clicking your “like” button, right? It doesn’t matter technology. Just order a few iPads, give away most of them, and keep one for yourself.

It is a win-win situation. It is true that this method is somewhat more expensive than buying fans on the Internet. However, your social media budget will cover the cost. The beauty of this method is that competition sites will feature your giveaway, and YOU will be able to reach a wide audience with your action.

It really doesn’t matter that you end up with fans who aren’t genuinely interested in your business and what you are selling. If they don’t like your updates, they can just hide them in their newsfeed. What matters is that you have more fans. Your competitors will be jealous.

Put pressure on your existing fans.

By now you will have built up a nice fan base. Put those fans to work to get even more fans. The method is easy to implement. Just post an update in which you ask your fans to “like” it, and tell your fans that they have to share this update with all their Facebook friends.

You can offer a small incentive in the form of a discount coupon for fans who do what you tell them to. Never mind that most Facebook users will be very unhappy when you keep spamming in their newsfeed.

Your updates are getting “likes” and are being shared all over the Facebook network, and that is what matters. Surely you are to busy with inventing new incentives to worry about that fact that your actions infringe upon the guidelines set out by Facebook.

You do risk losing your Facebook page altogether, but never mind. If worst comes to worst, you can move to Twitter and start buying Twitter fans. Hopefully you have caught on to the fact that all of the above is absolute nonsense.

Unfortunately, many people keep using these methods to gain more fans. Some marketers advertise their success based on the number of Facebook fans they can get for any business in a really short amount of time. The quality of the fans is often ignored. However, the fact of the matter is that fans are worth nothing to you if you can’t interact with them.

The right way to use fans that you already have.

Create an online identity that your fans can relate to and engage with. If you can form a reciprocal relationship with your fans, they will share their experiences with your business with their friends. Naturally, you can use competitions to attract more fans, but choose to give away something that is relevant to your business.